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Italy Moves Forward

The future lies in projects and their realization. Only through innovative ideas is it possible to change a city
landscape and set off a true upturn in the real estate market.

In this new part of the Forum we’ll be presenting some projects or companies that should be of special interest for the nation, for institutional investors, and for the market in general. They’re real – not just ideas on paper – and offer hope for a return to an Italy that improves and grows.


COIMA is a specialist in the investment, development and management of Italian real estate assets, and focused on delivering an ESG impact.

COIMA Holding controls a range of operating companies including COIMA SGR, an investment & asset management firm which manages 30 real estate investment funds with more than €9 billion in investments; COIMA REM, a development and property management company which has dedicated over 40 years developing and managing properties which now spans a total of over 5 million square metres; and COIMA HT which aims to enable the digitalization of physical spaces.

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The corporate framework is completed by COIMA RES, founded in 2015 and listed, as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2016.





COSTIM is an industrial holding company, the first integrated and digitised national player, operating along the entire Real Estate supply chain for the “turnkey” realization of large urban renewal projects, on its own and on behalf of third parties.

Innovation is in COSTIM’s DNA and is represented by a synergetic union of three different entrepreneurial realities (Impresa Percassi, Gualini and Elmet). At the core is a value proposition founded on a systematic application of the latest digital technologies with the aim of improving the efficiency and coordination of the entire lifecycle of the real estate product, playing economies of scale, cross-functional skills and specific know-how.

COSTIM is the promoter of a model that allows the optimization of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) along the entire product life cycle, with better results for the client, in terms of time, control and added value in the sign of innovation.

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This approach was born with the design, development and future management of the “Smart District” prototype Chorus Life, a large urban redevelopment project under construction in Bergamo. A replicable model that experiments with new construction technologies that allow it to respond adequately to sustainability paradigms, relevant in the investment strategies of institutional partners. It’s a laboratory of research on materials and processes through the evolution and achievement of ever higher quality standards, placing the well-being of end users at the centre through the revolutionary GSM system.

The GSM (Global System Model) is a digital platform that coordinates smart city and smart building needs at multiple levels.

The platform is an integrated environment with the technology solutions, the IoT infrastructure and services that the user can use. The data strategy used enables the collection and processing of large amounts of data, allowing it to be transformed into information, optimizing energy functions, the maintenance process, the occupancy and the user services.

Chorus Life represents the most advanced example of urban regeneration in Italy having character of sustainability, socialization, governance, and corporate culture; it meets the increasingly complex and varied investor demand, for which COSTIM stands as an actor of change.





Urban Up – Unipol Projects Cities

Urban Up is a real estate project developed by the Unipol Group that is dedicated to enhancing the value of some of the most important properties of the Group’s Italian architectural portfolio througn modernisation and renovation that combines innovation with respect for tradition.

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The Urban Up project was launched in the city of Milan with the renovation of some of its most iconic buildings, and has been continued in several Italian cities with work done to both promote its trophy assets and regenerate suburban areas, deploying the value of sustainability in the area of real estate by adopting environmentally friendly solutions.






Walliance is an online platform that brings together investment and financing opportunities in the real estate sector, accessible through equity and debt instruments.

Through Walliance, companies can expand the availability of financing sources by reducing their dependence on the banking channel or the use of equity capital; while investors, from small savers to institutional economic operators, can earn money by investing in the real estate market.

Founded in Trento (Italy) in 2017, Walliance was the first equity crowdfunding platform in Italy to be authorized by Consob to raise venture capital for online real estate projects (now also authorized to raise through debt crowdfunding), and was, in January 2020, the first Italian portal to be authorized to operate in another European country: France.

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Since 2017, hundreds of Small and Medium Enterprises have come into contact with the platform, which after 5 years of activity has a network of 55,000 registered users and 4,000 retail, private and HNWI investors, and which, with more than € 72 million raised for 41 different real estate projects, has reconfirmed itself as the leading platform in the market for 2021, holding 70% of the Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding Share of Market (source: Politecnico of Milan).

The structure that Walliance makes available to present a real estate project on the platform and raise capital, operates from time to time in a tailor-made approach, based on the progress status of the project that is proposed and its peculiarities. Opening up to new investors allows the companies to raise and use new financial resources for the growth of their business and offers many advantages:

  1. reduce the timing for capital disbursement. The pre-decision is made in about 3 working days and within 40 days the funds are released;
  2. balancing the financial structure of real estate operations by involving a passive equity partner;
  3. have greater negotiating strength. The capital is disbursed in one lump sum, allowing the company to negotiate better rates with banks and ensure immediate payments to its suppliers;
  4. reduce the entrepreneur’s risk exposure to the real estate development, while increasing its ROE;
  5. improve the visibility of the real estate operation by using Walliance’s strong marketing channels.



Walliance S.p.A | Headquarters: Viale della Costituzione 16, 38122 Trento
Local unit: Via dell’Unione 1, 20123 Milan | Local Unit: 4 rue Jules Lefebvre Ground, 75009 Paris

T. +39 02 40031237 | hello@walliance.eu | www.walliance.eu


Since more than 25 years Svicom offers a wide and complete consultancy service for the appreciation of real estates, thus establishing itself as one of the leading companies in Italian Retail Real Estate. Svicom Agency e Svicom Gestioni Condominiali are part of Svicom Group.

The Group manages a portfolio with more than 130 assets – for a GLA bigger than 1.7 million sqm – including: shopping centres and retail parks, stand-alone and high street locations, food hall, logistics and business districts.

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Along with Property, Asset Management, Mall Management e Leasing consultancy services, Svicom can offer services such asAdvisory, Legal Consultancy, Technical Services, Marketing & Digital Strategies.

Svicom constantly looks beyond schemes and head towards innovation, in its declinations, to increase the efficacy of its work thus guaranteeing high quality standards.

The Group, infact, positions itself today as a proptech company, successfully integrating different levers for a new Smart Real Estate vision: from digital transformation to process automation, from the use of artificial intelligence and of IoT in many management steps, to BIM for facility management, as well as first blockchain tests in ESG initiatives regarding many assets in the portfolio.


Further information: www.svicom.com


Founded in 1998 in Wroclaw-Poland, in a little more than 20 years KRUK Group has become a leader in Europe’s credit management market with operations in three market segments: consumer (unsecured), mortgage-backed (secured by mortgage) and SME / Corporate (both guaranteed and unsecured).

The Group includes several companies which offer a complete, modern and integrated package of services among which debt collection with a friendly approach and purchase and securitization of credits.

In recent years KRUK has launched an important internationalization process, expanding its presence in new countries among which Italy, Germany and Spain.

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The debut on the Italian business dates back to 2015, when KRUK made significant investments in NPL portfolios. This was followed by the acquisition of an operating platform, giving rise to the current KRUK Italia S.r.l., and of Agecredit Srl., a company specialized in servicing.

After consolidating its position in the retail NPL segment, in 2018 KRUK Italia launched the new business line “Corporate Receivables”, thus offering a full range of services in the credit management market (also collateralized).

In the real estate sector, KRUK Italia aims to acquire, manage and dispose of the real estate assets given as collateral for its own or third-party loans. Thanks to the know-how and experience of its professionals and to the application of industry best practices, the company maximizes the revenues from the acquired properties by applying the best management strategies.




https://it.kruk.eu/business-partner/real-estate | corporate-re@it.kruk.eu

Eleonora Lagonigro
Director of Corporate Business Area
M. +39 334 67 22 434

Luigi De Luca
Real Estate Manager
M. +39 338 570 7831

Edrasis Group

Edrasis Group, a company founded in 2011 and based in Verona, is a totally independent Real Estate Full Services Provider able to guarantee a wide range of services within the Real Estate sector. A single partner that provides high value added, integrated and tailor-made services in the Real Estate sector on the entire national territory, together with technical, legal and financial products.

The main business lines covered by Edrasis include advisory and consultancy activities, Real Estate brokerage, judicial and extrajudicial credit management and recovery, technical and professional activities such as valuations, appraisals, property management, engineering and design.

Edrasis, with its professional and competent collaborators, guarantees a high specific effectiveness in out-of-court divestment activities thanks to a punctual commercial evaluation of the asset and a rapid activation of its network in the territory.

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The Group, which was constituted as a holding company in 2021, is also engaged in the integrated management of distressed loans (Npl and Utp) with underlying real estate collateral on behalf of credit institutions, guaranteeing complete assistance throughout the entire credit life cycle, from origination to extinction.

Edrasis is also involved in the management of large Real Estate properties with assets geographically distributed throughout the country: this is possible thanks to a nationwide network of over 7000 brokers and real estate agents.

Edrasis was among the first in the sector to operate in the new market for services related to energy efficiency and all professional services related to building bonuses, such as the Superbonus. Experienced consultants provide customers with all their expertise to offer full assistance on these new opportunities.

The optimisation of processes and a know-how of resources with specific professionalism and transversal skills in the sector, consolidate the Group from the point of the view of the operational structure, guiding it towards ever-growing economic results, with high standards of performance and guaranteed results.




Edrasis Group
Via Cesare Battisti 270 – 37057 – S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)

Oneshot Real Estate Solutions

Oneshot is an on-demand service and advisory company focused on residential real estate, which integrates, in a flexible and synergic way, into the client organization and has as its focus the creation of a product-focused value strategy. Our mission is objective performance, with concrete and measurable results, converging supply and demand to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our B2B/B2C business model, 100% data-driven thanks to the transversal CRM, is characterized by the in-house management of the entire process and, thanks to a team of 40 professionals working together to propose unique, distinctive product concepts in line with the needs of the target, covers all phases of real estate development, from area identification to due diligence, from technical analysis to marketing and communication, and to sales, post-sales and buy-to-rent.

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It is a unique model that has as key pillars:

  • The process and methodology of integrated analysis in the technical, commercialization and marketing areas
  • Performance-oriented in terms of:
    • Value creation in terms of turnover and mark-up for the client, optimizing time and budgets and transforming each real estate transaction into a secure, high-yield financial product and, for B2C, quality, services, sustainability and return on investment
    • speed of sales, thanks to the correct identification of the target, the correct product design according to the target and the prospective reading of the city’s evolution
    • optimization of marketing budgets, monitored and implemented on a daily basis


The Oneshot method is characterized by two differentiating components: it ensures, as our track record shows, up to 95% of business volume in the pre-construction phase, with a reduction in average time to market of up to 80%, and the sale of all stock down to the last relevance.

Oneshot is a reference point for service companies, banks, real estate funds, SGRs, investors, builders and multinationals.

We manage a turnover of 400 mln € and we can boast in our portfolio clients such as Algebris Investments, York Capital, FCMA, Milano 5.0, Gong Capital, Varallo RE, Martignoni Group, Thor, Costruendo Milano and Euromilano Gruppo of Banca Intesa.

Recent projects include Bosconavigli, Palazzo Bandello, Azario, Compagnoni 12, Giusti Garden, Washington Building, South Uptown, East Uptown, Residenza Parco and Giovanni da Milano 11.



Oneshot Real Estate Solutions
T. +39 02 87244676

RINA Prime Value Services

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