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DeA Capital Real Estate Sgr





COIMA is a specialist in the investment, development and management of Italian real estate assets, and focused on delivering an ESG impact.

COIMA Holding controls a range of operating companies including COIMA SGR, an investment & asset management firm which manages 30 real estate investment funds with more than €9 billion in investments; COIMA REM, a development and property management company which has dedicated over 40 years developing and managing properties which now spans a total of over 5 million square metres; and COIMA HT which aims to enable the digitalization of physical spaces.

The corporate framework is completed by COIMA RES, founded in 2015 and listed, as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2016.



marketing@coima.com | www.coima.com

Urban Up | Unipol


Urban Up is a real estate project developed by the Unipol Group that is dedicated to enhancing the value of some of the most important properties of the Group’s Italian architectural portfolio througn modernisation and renovation that combines innovation with respect for tradition.

The Urban Up project was launched in the city of Milan with the renovation of some of its most iconic buildings, and has been continued in several Italian cities with work done to both promote its trophy assets and regenerate suburban areas, deploying the value of sustainability in the area of real estate by adopting environmentally friendly solutions.



Aedes SIIQ Aedes SIIQ (MTA:AED) was created and at the same time listed on the MTA Market of the Italian Stock Exchange, following the partial proportional demerger of Restart (a company founded in 1905 and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1924) on December 28, 2018. Aedes SIIQ owns a real estate rent portfolio and development for rent portfolio in line with the strategy of a REIT with commercial purpose (Retail and Office).

Aedes SIIQ’s shareholder structure is composed of 51,251% held by Augusto S.p.A. (Sator Fund – Amenduni Family – Roveda Family), 10,593% held by Vi-Ba S.r.l., 5, 080% held by Palladio Holding S.p.A. and the remaining 33,076% is free floating.

Giovanni Barbara and Ermanno Niccoli are respectively the Chairman and the CEO of Aedes SIIQ.

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As at December 31, 2020 the Total GAV (Gross Asset Value) amounted to a market value equal to € 501,6 million, including the portion pertaining to properties owned by non-con¬trolling interests and real estate funds. The consolidated GAV (Gross Asset Value) was equal to € 390,1 million.

As at December 31, 2020 the consolidated value of rented assets amounted to €326,2 million and represented 65% of consolidated portfolio. The composition by use, referred to the Rented consolidated portfolio, highlighted 43,4% of Retail assets, 19,5% of Office assets and 2,2% of so-called Other Uses.

The consolidated value of Development for Rent portfolio, equal to €167,1 million as at December 31, 2020, is composed of development areas, with a commercial use, which are expected to be developed in the short and medium term with the subsequent income generation.

The consolidated value of portfolio to be sold, whose sale is foreseen during the Plan period, was equal to € 8,3 million.
The EPRA NNNAV as at December 31, 2020 amounted to €239,8 million, included pro rata share of assets held through joint ventures, real estate funds and associated companies, estimated on the basis of net assets, taking into account the market value of the properties owned. Against a NNNAV per share of €5,99 and a NAV per share of €6,05, the Aedes share price has so far maintained a considerable discount.




Aedes Siiq | Via Tortona, 37 | 20144 | Milano

Tel. +39 (0)2 6243.1 | info@aedes-siiq.com

Casavo 2022


Casavo is a digital residential platform that is redesigning the experience of selling and buying homes in Europe leveraging proprietary technology in each step of the transaction process. Whether you want to sell or buy a home, Casavo makes it simple, fast and convenient, providing the best solution for your needs.

Casavo offers integrated home-related services, providing a turn-key experience with an inclusive approach towards real estate operators (brokers, contractors, banks. etc).

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Founded in 2017 by Giorgio Tinacci, Casavo currently operates in Italy (Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Bologna), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville) and Portugal (Lisbon), rapidly expanding into other European markets.

As of April 2022, Casavo has carried out more than 2,700 transactions for a value in excess of €715 million. With an international team of over 350 people and supported by top-tier global investors, Casavo’s mission is to change the way people sell, live and buy homes in Europe.


D4RE – Digital for real estate

D4RE – Digital for real estate is the first integrated, simple and reliable platform aimed at improving commercial real estate transactions’ efficiency.

Thanks to innovative tech solutions, D4RE enables industry operators to set up and optimize every phase of a trasaction, addressing on a single platform all the “pains” commonly found during  a commercial property lease or sale.  Hence, transactions’ lead time and therefore costs are significantly reduced, as well as the effect of associated risks.

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Who we are: D4RE is a startup born in 2021 from an idea of Marcello Panizzutti, Giulio Sammartini and Felipe Padilla. The team counts on two decades of international experience both in commercial real estate and digital infrastructure building, gained in Milan, London and Rome.

Mission, vision, values: making commercial real estate transactions more transparent and faster, hence drastically downsizing risks associated with acquiring or leasing operating buildings. Overcoming onerous and archaic work practices. D4RE is technology for commercial real estate. Transparency, reliability and innovation are our DNA and motivate the daily work of our team.



info@d4re.com  |  www.d4re.com

Immagine Corporate Easylife


Easylife manages apartments of high design and comfort, located in central and strategic areas.

Starting from Milan, now Easylife operates in various Italian cities, such as Rome and Venice, and in tourist resorts, including Puglia and Sardinia, of great international appeal both for work and for leisure, with the intention of expanding the business also abroad.

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Guests can search for Easylife apartments on the main online platforms, including Airbnb, Booking, Tripadvisor, as well as on the easylife.house website, and find the ideal solution for every need and lifestyle.

The advantages and services of the complete management by Easylife for the owners are: 1) promotion of the property, 2) transparent management, including income performance 3) handling of bureaucratic formalities, 4) management of guests and 5) security and cleaning of the apartment 6) maximization of occupancy.

We provide guests with check-in / out services, impeccable cleaning and sanitation, 24-hour assistance, tourist services and accessories and an excellent quality / price ratio.




EXP Italy

EXP Realty

Founded in the US in 2009, eXp Realty is one of the largest successful real estate companies in the world.

The eXp business model stands out for being totally cloud-based: agents are encouraged to preserve their brand and identity while being able to take advantage of a metaverse fully dedicated to them, where they share information, train, offer and receive services, meet clients and work in the real estate field. This way, they are able to offer their clients full assistance and services, regardless of the location they are currently in.

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Numbers prove this model’s success. Today, the eXp community counts more than 82.000 agents and independent professionals in 21 countries, recording a +55% agent growth in the last year and 1 billion dollars revenue in the first quarter of 2022 (+73% in comparison to 2021’s Q1).

Furthermore, eXp guarantees its agents one of the most profitable commissions systems in the business, with split percentages from 75% to 100% based on the achievement of specific performance parameters, and includes them within its revenue share and stock option rewards company programmes.

As any community worthy of its name, eXp is based on a shared value and operational system. The main drivers behind eXp strategies are constant training and support provided to each and every agent, also from an administrative standpoint. More specifically, from the moment they sign on, eXp agents are involved into a 300-hour training schedule, to which workshops on specific topics are added throughout the year.




Societe Generale


Established in 23 locations around the world with 4,000 members of staff, SGSS offers its clients, financial institutions and brokers, asset managers, insurers and businesses, global solutions adapted to the latest financial market and regulatory trends: clearing services, custody and trustee services, retail custody services, fund administration and asset servicing, liquidity management, transfer agent and global issuer services.

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SGSS ranks among the three largest European custodians and the top ten worldwide, with EUR 4,586 billion of assets under custody.

SGSS provides custody & trustee services for 3,376 funds and the valuation of 4,561 funds, representing assets under administration of EUR 697 billion and has a consolidated experience in supporting all types of real estate funds, in France, Luxembourg, Italy and Ireland, with more than 1600 Alternative Investment Funds.





Via Sile | Milano


Tecnomont Service is specialized in the renovation and upgrade of civil and industrial buildings.

The company focuses on three main activities, the first of which is the engineering, production and installation of curtain walls, doors, and windows. Besides, Tecnomont manages building maintenance and acts as a general contractor for the overall redevelopment of buildings. As general contractor, the company plans, designs, manages and oversees all operations, guaranteeing a turnkey delivery to its customers and an informed and comprehensive service.

Only in Milan, Tecnomont Service manages over 200 buildings belonging to large organizations, real estates, banks, insurance institutions and state bodies by taking care of, repairing, and adapting the interiors.

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The company, headquartered in Pozzo D’Adda, Milan, opened in 2019 a new technical office in Genoa, intended to manage requests from the European, American and Middle Eastern markets.


Among the most recent projects, we mention in Milan the “Rasoio” building in Via De Castillia 23, the Architecture Campus of the Politecnico di Milano, the redevelopment of the new technical offices headquarters of the Municipality of Milan in Via Sile 8, and the new Flagship Hotel UNA Experience in Via De Cristoforis. Among the projects in Rome, the Aura Shopping Center in Valle Aurelia and the redevelopment of Palazzo Salviati, in via dell’Umiltà. In Syracuse, the Archimede shopping center. In Kombocha, Ethiopia, the expansion of the new production facility of the Carvico SPA company.

During the emergency due to COVID-19, Tecnomont Service collaborated at the implementation of the Intensive Care Unit of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, in addition to taking care of the maintenance of various hospitals in Lombardy.

Among the projects starting in 2020, in addition to important works in the city of Genoa, Tecnomont Service will develop the executive project and the construction of the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, and the former Traversi garage in Via Bagutta, Milan.


Tecnomont Service srl | Via Meucci 3, Pozzo D’Adda, Milano | Viale B. Bisagno 2, Genova | Corso Venezia 5, Milano

Tel. +39 (0)2 84990103 | info@tecnomontservice.com | www.tecnomontservice.com



Walliance is a real estate investment platform acting as an intermediary between Small and Medium Enterprises seeking financing for the development of their real estate projects and investors. Through Walliance, companies can expand the availability of financing sources by reducing their dependence on the banking channel or the use of equity capital; while investors, from small savers to institutional economic operators, can earn money by investing in the real estate market.

Founded in Trento (Italy) in 2017, Walliance was the first equity crowdfunding platform in Italy to be authorized by Consob to raise venture capital for online real estate projects (now also authorized to raise through debt crowdfunding), and was, in January 2020, the first Italian portal to be authorized to operate in another European country: France.

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Since 2017, hundreds of Small and Medium Enterprises have been in contact with the platform, which after 4 years of activity has a network of 46,000 users. As of the first half of 2021, 30 real estate projects for 43.5 million euros have been financed through Walliance, representing almost 60% market share of Italian Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding (source: Crowdfundingbuzz).

The structure that Walliance makes available in order to present a real estate project on the platform and raise capital, operates from time to time in a tailor-made approach, based on the progress status of the project that is proposed and its peculiarities. Opening up to new investors allows the companies to raise and use new financial resources for the growth of their business and offers many advantages:

  • reducing bank exposure and improving the ratio between equity and debt;
  • reducing the timing of the release of the sums necessary for the development of the operation, which takes place in a single solution at the time of the finalization of the offer, thanks to an easing of bureaucracy;
  • sharing the risk with other partners and increasing the ROE of the operation. In fact, it is important to make a distinction between financing and risk capital: by investing through Walliance, investors become partners in the company that develops the real estate operation, while the bank finances and does not invest capital in the company;
  • improving the visibility of the deal by leveraging Walliance’s strong marketing channels.




Walliance S.p.A | Headquarters Viale della Costituzione 16, 38122 Trento | Local Unit Via Dante 7, 20123 Milano

Tel. +39 (0)2 40031237 | hello@walliance.eu | www.walliance.eu

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