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Italy Moves Forward 2021

The future lies in projects and their realization. Only through innovative ideas is it possible to change a city
landscape and set off a true upturn in the real estate market.

In this new part of the Forum we’ll be presenting some projects or companies that should be of special interest for the nation, for institutional investors, and for the market in general. They’re real – not just ideas on paper – and offer hope for a return to an Italy that improves and grows.

“Our home and future demand” Report, by Scenari Immobiliari in collaboration with Abitare Co.

Abitare Co.: Research and Innovation to propose new housing formats that boost sales process, generating more value in every real estate deal.


Abitare Co., with over 20 years of experience on the Milanese market, is recognized as an innovative firm with a business model capable of managing all the peculiar phases of a development project.

The company can offer a platform of services that range from market analysis and feasibility of a real estate project to the technical design aspects and the marketing strategies to improve the sales process. A business pattern that brings to service innovation and the development of advanced technologies, always putting the well-being of the people at the center of his business. Modernization and a new entrepreneurial approach are the drivers for a real estate product focused on the needs of end users for a great comfort in agreement with our times.

The trend of contacts and requests received from our customers, filtered by an internal Business Intelligence system, allows us to analyze all the research variables and housing needs in a truly short time. For years, we have been offering to our partners, investors and developers, new housing formats that help boosting the sales process, generating more value.

“Knowing the new residential needs is essential to project and build the houses of the forthcoming future.”

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“DIMORE MILANESI”, Via Comelico, Milano.

The new Milanese residential complex signed by Abitare Co. is an historical building developed in the early 1900s for the Società Italiana di Materiali Isolanti Monti e Martini which later became one of the university headquarters of the Politecnico of Milan.

The project, which has a total area of about 6,300 square meters, is in Via Comelico, not far from Piazzale Libia and Porta Romana. Signed by Studio Calzoni, the construction will be a new residential courtyard complex consisting of patio villas and multi-story buildings from 4 to 7 floors above ground.

The historical facade will be fully maintained and meticulously restored. The units are characterized by loggias, while towards the internal garden they will have large balconies. Other apartments, set back from the main facade, will be surrounded by terraces extended around their entire perimeter.

Other features that distinguish the project are the internal courtyard used as a common garden of over 1,200 square meters and 600 square meters of amenities in the building areas. “Dimore Milanesi” will consist of 62 apartments of different kind and some patio villas with private gardens. The building services include: conciergerie, meeting room, fitness area, coworking rooms, delivery rooms, bicycle parking and electric cars charging points.

The whole complex will be equipped with state-of-the-art machinery systems to maximize energy savings and minimize the environmental impact.



ABITARE CO. – Via Savona, 52 – Milan
Tel. +39 02 48958416 | info@abitareco.it

Agire | Technical Partners in the Real Estate Industry

AGIRE is a company of the IPI Group that offers real estate technical services. Based in Turin, Milan and Rome and backed by a team of over 130 employees and by a nationwide network of building managers, AGIRE is the ideal partner for clients who wish to maximise the value of their real estate assets.


Integrated Management of Real Estate Services

Thanks to an integrated concept of technical services and to a multidisciplinary team of professionals, AGIRE offers support throughout every stage of real estate investments with comprehensive, big-picture oriented services tailored to the specific needs of the client.

  • Property and Facility Management: Property management, Facility management, Building management, Condominium management
  • Technical Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies: Due Diligence Full, Due Diligence Desk, Retrieval of the documentation from all the public authorities, Virtual Data Room, Compliance with Urban and Building Regulations, Technical assistance to notaries during the buying/selling process, Urban feasibility analysis, Preliminary layouts and estimate of construction costs
  • Project & Construction Management: Development Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Project Monitoring, Integrated Design, Engineering
  • Advisory & Valuation: Public and private real estate portfolios’ valuation for all asset classes, Independent Appraiser for real estate investment funds, Market Intelligence: Market Analysis & Market Test, Economic & Financial Feasibility Studies, Highest & Best Use Analysis, Strategic advisory on the origination and selection of investment opportunities
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Our Strenghts

  • Know How: AGIRE builds on 50 years of experience and can count on an extraordinarily skilled team – thus ensuring unrivalled know-how
  • Technical Partners: AGIRE provides its clients with hands-on support and always strives to align with the goals of its partners.
  • Local Presence: Thanks to its 3 headquarters and to a nationwide network of building managers, the company can offer more efficient services at lower costs.
  • Tailor made: Comprehensive, big-picture oriented services tailored to the specific needs of the client.
  • Independent from AMCs: The company is independent from asset management companies, which ensures greater flexibility and rules out any possible conflict of interests
  • Advanced technologies: GRETA, an in-house developed management system that can be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the client. When required, AGIRE also employs commonly used third-party management systems (Esse.RE, SAP, REF, Yardi).


> Company Profile AGIRE





Via Nizza 262/59, Lingotto, 10126 | Turin

T. (+39) 011.4277864



Piazza Missori 2, 20122 | Milan

T. (+39) 02.00621101



Via Cavour 181/A, 00184 | Rome

T. (+39) 06.3269591



Savills Investment Management SGR SpA


Savills Investment Management is a regulated entity (SGR) authorised by the Bank of Italy to set up and manage real estate funds regulated by Italian law.

Savills Investment Management SGR SpA is a local partner of choice for main international companies investing in Italy and a top 10 managers in the country.

The Italian team is based in Milan and comprises 42 professionals. Since the office opened in 2005, the team has steadily grown to accommodate the increase in AUM and now includes Investment and Asset Managers, Fund Finance, Compliance and Research personnel.

Today Savills Investment Management SGR SpA has 220 AUM, comprising EUR 3.4 billion in the country. The investment style ranges from Core (44%) to Value-add (36%) and Opportunistic (20%).

Recent funds include healthcare and senior/student housing as well as an award-winning sale-and-leaseback EUR 500 million fund launched in conjunction with an Italian supermarket chain and Italian insurer.

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Savills Investment Management SGR SpA is a subsidiary of Savills Investment Management, a leading global real estate investment manager with a 30-year track record in investing on behalf of institutional investors.

Savills Investment Management is wholly owned by Savills plc, a leading property services company, listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and part of the FTSE 250.

The Savills Investment Management group has around 300 employees across 17 locations and provides coverage of key markets in Europe as well as a growing presence in the Asia Pacific Region, including Japan and Australia.

The Savills Investment Management group manages real estate worth EUR 21.1 billion (as at 31 December 2020) and offers comprehensive real estate asset and fund management services in the form of individual mandates and fund solutions for a broad spectrum of investors, including insurance companies, pensions funds, foundations and family offices.

The acquisition of DRC Capital, a recognised market leader in UK & European commercial real estate debt, added the capability for investors to invest indirectly through real estate debt.

Savills Investment Management believes that corporate responsibility is integral to being a successful and trusted global business. A holistic approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) ensures that Principles for Responsible Investment are embedded in the business practice. The firm’s responsible investment initiatives are incorporated in the investment process and applied consistently firm wide. They ensure that investment and asset management teams are both considering and implementing measures that are aligned with Savills Investment Management’s ESG values.

















Savills Investment Management SGR SpA | Via San Paolo 7 | 20121 Milan
Tel: +39 02 36 00 67 00 | www.savillsim.com


Reale Immobili

A Reale Group company, Reale Immobili S.p.A. was founded in 2002 to manage, preserve and enhance its real estate assets and that of other Group companies, to which it provides consultancy services.

Reale Immobili S.p.A. is headquartered in Turin and has two branches – one in Rome and one in Milan. The company’s managed real estate assets mainly consist of entire buildings for different purposes, chiefly located in Turin, Milan and Rome.

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This high quality heritage also extends beyond Italy, with properties in France and Spain. The mission of Reale Immobili is to increase the value of real estate assets through constant maintenance and redevelopment, with a view to preserve and optimise properties, including through the selective disposal of non-strategic assets, also in a logic of risk diversification. With a strong commitment to quality, Reale Immobili firmly believes that every project they will undertake in the future takes shape from its past. The company’s real estate offer is for customers with high expectations on the quality of properties and the related management service.











Dida foto: view of the Torre Littoria from Piazza Castello, Turin, part of Reale Immobili’s Collezione Prestige





Via Corte D’Appello 11 | 10122 Turin (Italy)  | Tel. +39 0114311111

Via Foro Bonaparte, 46 | 20121 Milan (Italy)  | Tel. +39 028054915

Via XX Settembre, 26 | 00187 Rome (Italy)  | Tel. +39 0645548711



Ricerca 12 S.p.A.

Ricerca 12 S.p.A. is a real estate acquisition and management company within the hospitality segment, focusing on long and short-stay experiential living.

The Group project envisages, on one side, real estate investments to acquire and convert properties into hotels and, on the other side, the creation of a hotel management company that will rent the assets.
The company has three assets in its portfolio: the first building is located in “Città Studi” in Milan and has opened its doors at the beginning of 2020, the second building, still in Milan, is located in the “Navigli” area and the renovation works have recently begun. The third building is located in via Belfiore in Florence, has been acquired in December 2018 and it’s currently located to Agenzia del Demanio, an early tenant’s break is under negotiation and the development project is proceeding.

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The first opening: Milan 2020, via Noe 24

The hotel is located in Via Enrico Noe, 24 in Milan, near metro station Piola, on the green line, two stops away from Central Railway Station – Stazione Centrale -, in the immediate proximity of Città Studi, where the campus of Politecnico di Milano University and Statale University are located.
The hotel is a 120-room 3-star hotel with restaurant, coworking area of about 700sqm and a private garden of about 600sqm. The building has been awarded with LEED GOLD certification in February 2021.
The hotel includes rooms for medium-long stays, up to 12 months, and rooms for short stays. The offer includes the integration of co-working, shared kitchens, laundry and gym facilities, as well as a bar, a restaurant and an event space.
Italian premium brands have been chosen for the interior: Lago for the furnishings, Artemide and Viabizzuno for the lighting.


Future openings

The second opening will be in via Ascanio Sforza, 5 in Milan, a 120-room 4-star hotel located in the Navigli area, with a view on Darsena, the Dock of Milan, and Naviglio Pavese, one of the two artificial canals. The hotel will be equipped with co-working space, kitchens, laundry, gym, restaurant, bar and, on the rooftop of the building, a swimming pool and a sky-bar with a view of the city.




Ricerca 12 SpA | Aldo Giacin
T. +39 02 45391461 | aldo.giacin@ricerca12.com | www.21wol.it

Casavo, Instant Buyer leader: “We want to change the way people sell, buy and experience homes in Europe”


Casavo is a PropTech startup founded in Milan in 2017 by Giorgio Tinacci that operates in the real estate sector using an innovative and unique business model: a technological platform (Instant Buyer) that sends direct offers for the purchase of real estate properties and finds the final buyer after their renovation.

As of today, Casavo has completed more than 1400 real estate transactions worth more than 400 million euros. From 2017 on, staff growth has been exponential and today the startup has more than 200 employees. Casavo operates in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Bologna and Verona in Italy and Madrid in Spain.

Casavo has radically changed the logic of the real estate sector. The company purchases properties directly from owners and guarantees final closing in 30 days or less (or a length of time in line with the needs of the client). To fully understand the impact this has had on the sector, just think that the average amount of time it takes to sell a property in Europe normally exceeds 6 months!

By taking advantage of big data and digital technologies, Casavo offers an alternative market logic with respect to the traditional one. The results of this innovation translate into fast property valuations and simple purchase procedures. Speed, price certainty, and immediate liquidity: these are the main advantages for clients.

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Furthermore, the ongoing collaboration with real estate agencies is another fundamental pillar of the company’s inclusive business model. Thanks to unique technologies and a partner program based on incentives, in less than three years more than 2500 real estate agencies have received at least one purchase offer from Casavo.

Casavo also brings added value to the cities where it operates, as all the properties acquired are renovated before being put back on the market. These improvements not only increase the value of the homes and energize the renewal of the cities themselves, but they also offer great benefits for homebuyers as well as generating new work opportunities and further development of the entire real estate sector.

Besides the Instant Buying service for the purchase of properties, which is the core business of the company, Casavo has also been expanding their technological offerings. This includes, for example, the Casavo Visit App which was developed during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic and allows users to receive a purchase offer from Casavo after doing a simple virtual visit of their home using their smartphone. There is also the proprietary listings platform that is even open to real estate agents. Another thing to mention is the recent acquisition of Realisti.co, the most important service in Italy for the creation of high-quality virtual tours dedicated exclusively to the real estate market. Through the Realisti.co App, real estate agents can take photos of a property and easily convert them into a virtual tour, allowing prospective homebuyers to view every detail without having to leave their couch.



Casavo is a PropTech startup operating in the real estate sector using an innovative and unique business model: a technological platform (Instant Buyer) that sends direct offers to purchase properties and finds the final buyer after their renovation. Founded in Milan in 2017 by Giorgio Tinacci, Casavo’s mission is to change the way people sell, buy and experience homes in Europe. The company has completed more than 1300 real estate transactions to date worth more than 340 million euros. With a team of 200 people, Casavo operates in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Bologna and Verona in Italy and Madrid in Spain. The Instant Buying service is Casavo’s core business, but the company is also expanding its technological product offerings to be able to meet all the needs of sellers, buyers and real estate agents and brokers.

More information is available on the website www.casavo.it



Press office:

ABG PR | T. +390316871940 | Via Mosè Bianchi, 24 Milan | Via Pasquale Paoli, 46 Como

Corporate – Alessia Bianchi | T. +39 338 4840662 | alessia@abgpr.com
Services – Alessia Segantin | T. +39 379 1622460 | s_alessia@abgpr.com
Claudia Cavaleri | T. +39 380 5999 314 | claudia@abgpr.com

Titiro Digital Srl: We build software for real estate

Titiro Digital is a startup that creates and promotes integrated APPs for the management of the apartment, amenities and services of the building. The mission is to offer advantages for the users, a business lever for the property manager and strategic communication consulting.

Inspired by Virgil’s “Bucolics”, which revolutionized Latin literature by placing a shepherd at the centre of the play, Titiro aimed, from the very beginning, to achieve an exceptional primacy in the field of innovation: the management, using a single APP, of the domotics of the own apartment, the building services and everything that can be needed in daily life. Today that goal is already a reality: Giardini d’Inverno, the residential building in Via G.B. Pirelli 33 in Milan, is using Giada, the “tailor made” APP that continues to be promoted and managed exclusively by Titiro Digital.

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Titiro Digital’s objectives

Titiro Digital does not “only” provide an integrated building management service through an APP. One of the startup’s goals is to become a strategic partner to individual developers in order to analyse needs, define priorities and meet expectations. It is thanks to sophisticated solutions, the result of the know-how and awareness developed by the staff, that a residence can become unique and exclusive within an increasingly competitive and complex real estate panorama.
The phases of this project are multiple and start with a careful and in-depth analysis of the needs of the building and the condominiums. The developer will be supported from the very first phase of the start-up of the new residence. Only in this way it will be possible to guarantee efficient and usable services. Support will be given during the selection and training of the concierge/reception, the analysis of security systems and the implementation of access control protocols/procedures.

Giada, a case of success

Giada is a tailor-made APP designed to make the “Giardini d’Inverno” residential building self-sufficient. In continuous development, it will be integrated with new services essential to the management of daily life aimed at improving the quality of life of its residents. Using tablets and smartphones, it is possible to manage, locally or remotely:

  • the domotics of the apartment (lights, shutters, air conditioning and the anti-intrusion)
  • the amenities (reservation of pool, spa, meeting area)
  • consultation of communications sent by the concierge and condominium administrator
  • personal and everyday services




Titiro Digital S.r.l. | Corso di Porta Vittoria, 18 | 20122 Milan
Tel. +39 02 365 25 666 | info@titirodigital.it | www.titirodigital.com

Cetrus Nhood


Ceetrus Nhood is one of the main players in the real estate industry in Italy specializing in urban redevelopment interventions, as well as an important player in the commercial sector. The company has 1,000 employees spread across 10 countries, a portfolio of 300 assets, of which 200 are owned, 30,000 residences with a global asset value of € 8 billion and 40 projects under development, including the renovation of Piazzale Loreto in Milan, the Gare du Nord in Paris and the Vialia Vigo station in Spain.

The company is part of the AFM (Association Familiale Mulliez), which owns about 200 companies, including Decathlon, Leroy Merlin and Auchan, distributed in 52 countries.

Since 2021, Ceetrus has merged with Nodi – the AFM real estate company – to give life to Nhood, a new reality specialized in real estate consulting and services, that develops and requalifies new neighborhoods and mixed-use living places on abandoned areas with a triple positive impact, people, planet, prosperity. The new business model proposed by the company is based on four pillars: listening to the territory, proximity, innovation and culture.

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The Italian branch is based in Milan and today manages 50 commercial assets for a total value of 2 billion euros and is involved in various urban regeneration projects, including the requalification of Piazzale Loreto in Milan and the construction of the new Urban Smart Mall Merlata Bloom Milano, in the Arexpo north east of the city.

LOC – Loreto Open Community is the urban redevelopment project of Piazzale Loreto in Milan, winner of the international call launched by the City of Milan C40 Reinventing Cities, led by Ceetrus Nhood in the capacity of investor and developer.

LOC will be an “Open Air Square”, designed with the involvement of the local community both in the pre-project phase and in the subsequent phases, thanks to an integrated approach, to respond to the theme of resilience and climate adaptation; in line with the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030.

LOC will be conceived as a new urban center for the local community, thanks to a large hub that will host a functional mix of commercial activities, services, events and temporary events. All within the volumes and external areas of the new square – a real Sky Forest with tall trees able – and to the complex of Via Porpora, that will be regenerated through the use of sustainable and functional technologies.

LOC is the last project of a long series of positive impact and innovative ones, tied to the urban regeneration and circular economy. This projects represent the way in which Ceetrus Nhood means the new generation of shopping destinations, that includes: Rescaldina, Milanord2, TODream, and Merlata Bloom. The latter with its 20,000 square meters of leisure and 5 areas Food&Beverage is a new concept in the Italian panorama of shopping centers.

Ceetrus Nhood confirms its daily mission in improving the quality of life of the territories where it operates, enhancing the suburbs and creating social cohesion among the people who live there, to do business in a sustainable way.




CEETRUS NHOOD | Galleria Buenos Aires 8-12 | 20124 Milan
Tel. +39 344 0861171 | info@nhood.com | www.nhood.it

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