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28th Forum Scenari

11-12 september 2020

Après le déluge.

“Après le déluge”, inspired by a poem by Arthur Rimbaud, is the main topic of this edition, which wants to capture exactly today’s atmosphere: a time in which it is necessary to rethink cities, infrastructures, our way of living and working, after the Covid-19 pandemic.

A new world is opening up and the Forum is the traditional moment of discussion between the main operators on the prospects for the future of real estate.

Après le déluge

Temi guida

  • Après le déluge
  • Credere nell’Italia
  • Gli scenari
  • Grandi patrimoni immobiliari 2021
  • Mercati e imprese 2021

28° Forum Scenari

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Italy moves forward 2020

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Forum Scenari Awards 2020

Impresa d’eccellenza nel real estate:
Fabrica Immobiliare Sgr

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Innovazione nel real estate:
Abitare Co.

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