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Ozge Oner


Özge Öner


Özge Öner is an Assistant Professor in Real Estate and Spatial Economics at the Land Economy Department and Fellow in Economics at Sidney Sussex College at the University of Cambridge. She is also a Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Stockholm.

Öner earned her PhD in Economics with a focus on Urban and Regional Economics in Jönköping, Sweden, in 2014. She completed part of her PhD studies at the Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL), University of Illinois.

Özge’s research deals with migration and labour mobility, micro-geography of segregation and ethnic enclaves, retail and service geography, the geography of entrepreneurship, as well as political geography.

She is a former recipient of the Handelsbanken Wallander postdoctoral scholarship in Sweden (2015), Young Investigator Award in Italy (2018), and she is the 2019 recipient of the Young Researcher Award in Sweden.

Özge writes monthly columns at the newspaper Swedish Daily (Svenska Dagbladet).

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